GPS POI (Point Of Interest) Services:

How do I list my business on a GPS system?

There are many GPS manufacturers, but at this time there are only two significant sources of GPS mapping information.  You only need to be listed in those two databases! 

A third database already exists, Google Maps, and you may be listed in it already.  However the GPS coordinates are often inaccurate!  At this time that database is seldom used, but by 2014, it is expected to catch up to the "traditional" GPS services.

We have the technology and connections--for a nominal fee, we will submit an accurate listing to all three databases!

You can expect:

  1. Google Android etc. to be active in their database and available for those GPS units within a couple of days if not immediately.
  2. * Garmin etc. be active in their database within a month.
  3. * Tom Tom etc. to be active within a year.

* Full Disclosure:  after the listings have been submitted to the "Garmin" and "Tom Tom" databases:

  1. The database owner has to approve the changes.  (It is in their best interests to keep their databases well populated and up-to-date.)
  2. The device manufacturers need to purchase the map updates.  (This is done a number of times a year.)
  3. Finally, the updates need to appear on the GPS units themselves:
    • The end customers need to purchase and install map updates for their devices.  (Unfortunately, some decide not to.)
    • Fortunately, new GPS units include an updated map--and the first update after the unit is manufactured is provided free of charge by the GPS manufacturer.

here is no time like the present to start the process!


  • $50 for the First Database, and
  • $25, each, for the Second and Third Databases.
First Database:

Garmin, Magellan, MapQuest, MSN/Bing Maps, Navigon, Yahoo Maps
Garmin alone has about 37% of the GPS market, and Magellan has about 19%.  This database supports about 65% of the existing GPS market and is the most important database to be in.

The database is updated on a regular basis.

Second Database:

TomTom, Mio
Tom Tom, has close to 30% of the market, and Mio about 5%.  In round numbers, this database supports 35% of the existing market and is maintaining its market share.

This database is often criticized for being slow to update.

Third Database:

Google Maps (Google Android, Nexus One, and many Apple iPhone Apps)
New technology!  Integrated GPS/Smart Cell Phones can use search engines such as Google to update, on-the-fly, POIs (Points of Interest) and maps.  Integrated units are expected to outnumber traditional by 2014.  This is the a significant growth area in the GPS market.

Updates can be almost immediate.